Welcome to the website for LONGROUP; the Luke O’Neill Group.

LONGROUP is an automotive consultancy founded by its namesake Luke O’Neill. Luke has been involved in the automotive industry for over 15 years, starting his first business in 1999 to manage a small privately held track day. The Burrows Days have grown from an irregular gathering of 15 or so drivers to a regular event that now attracts over 60 private owners of prestige sports cars, as well as associated brands in the luxury space. The drive days also operate in Melbourne at both Sandown and Phillip Island.

Over the last 15 years Luke has brought together teams of professionals to create, manage and deliver a broad range of automotive events and services for individuals through to corporates; from helping clients buy their dream car, to designing, managing and activating national driver training programs for automotive manufacturers. LONGROUP has an extensive list of contacts in the automotive and luxury markets, and Luke is well respected when it comes to cars, events and driving! 

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Luke O'Neill